Remote Clinics

We are asked all too often if Turner Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery travels as far as a said location (Fargo, Duluth and Iowa).  We understand, and appreciate, the clients that travel great distances to have their horses seen by Dr. Turner.  For this reason, we are excited to announce that now that Dr. Turner is mobile through Turner Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery (TESMS), we would like to travel out of the metro area to provided lameness, and sports medicine and rehabilitation services throughout the Minnesota area.  Putting on this type of clinic will be a collaborative effort between TESMS, and the person helping us host the clinic.  Below are details of what can be offered at one of these Remote Clinics.


Sadly due to states requiring Dr. Turner to have a license in that state we will not cross the border to provide services at this time.   But we can work close to the border.

The location needs:

  • To be an indoor facility. This way the Remote Clinic is not weather permitting.
  • Needs to have outlets available. Our imaging equipment is cordless, however, the batteries will not last on a long day.
  • Have access to internet. This can either be an established wireless connection or you need to be able to get cell reception within the building.
  • For lameness, ideally, there would be an area that we could lung horses as well as an area that we can jog off horses in a straight line.
  • The facility needs to allow us to work in the timeframe that we are looking to do. These clinics would hopefully be all day, so knowing that we would be in that space all day should not interfere with other activities or prevent us from doing the services that we are there to provide.
  • Ideally, there would be a wash stall or a cement area that joints could be scrubbed in.


Lameness Evaluations:

With Dr. Turner’s expertise in lameness and sports medicine, the systematic evaluation of your performance horse for any lameness issues assures you will gain as complete of an understanding of the issue as possible.  Recommended diagnostic and therapeutic plans will be designed to best address the issues.

Lameness issues can range from a simple abscess to a complex ligament injury.   Our team will strive to insure proper diagnoses of the lameness through the use of diagnostic instruments like radiographs, thermography, and ultrasound to get your horse back into action.

Treatment options could include:

  • Corrective shoeing
  • Cortisone injections
  • Mesotherapy
  • Shockwave
  • Refer for surgery


Quality farrier work is essential in the treatment and prevention of lameness conditions in the horse.

Our program to assess your horses’ feet both clinically and radiographically will then compliment their routine (or not so routine, if necessary) hoof care.

Dr. Turner works with your farrier to coordinate a plan for your horse.  We provide digital radiographs (email), and a report for your records to then share with your farrier at your next farrier appointment.


Diagnostic imaging plays an essential role in the diagnosis and better understanding of the underlying cause of any lameness issue.  These tools are used to create a clear picture of what is causing the lameness.  As well as can be used to document the progress of changes in arthritis and soft tissue damage.

Our diagnostic capabilities include:

  • Computed (digital) radiography using handheld cordless radiology units allow detailed imaging for diagnostics of the limbs, back, neck, as well as pre-purchase examinations
  • Digital ultrasound unit provides high detail capability for imaging tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, neck, and other soft tissue structures.
  • Thermography is a non-invasive technique that measures emitted heat throughout the body.  Medical thermogram represents the surface temperatures of skin, making thermography useful for the detection of inflammation.

If there are any additional pharmacy items/drugs/medication that owners would be interested in purchasing, please let us know in advance.  These would include Legend IV, Adequan, and Bute.  These will, of course, be with us, but they will be as supplies last.  So if any of these are an item that you would be interested in purchasing for your horse you can pre-order, and we can make sure that one is saved for you.

Owners should also be aware that with every appointment Dr. Turner will do some sort of lameness exam, and likely will recommend imaging (x-rays, ultrasound, or thermography) to see if the horse has any pathology.  Dr. Turner will never do anything without permission and will talk owners through all their horses’ treatment options.


In the hopes of streamlining communication, TESMS asks that there be one point person coordinating putting the Remote Clinic together.  This person would be in charge of marketing locally, booking accommodations, as well as coordinating the single location that TESMS will be working out of.  Having a single person to work with Justine to coordinate scheduling this event will make for an overall successful experience.  To make sure that these Remote Clinics are going to be a success for both our clients as well as for TESMS, TESMS has created a detailed handout for the potential host of the clinic.  If you are interested in receiving this handout, please email with your name and location.

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