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    Farm Visits

    Dr. Turner will be servicing the Greater Minneapolis area. This includes providing a comprehensive list of services that can be provided at your facility.

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  • Belac.net

    Buffalo Equine and Large Animal Hospital

    Buffalo Equine located in Northwestern suburbs. The clinic provides a drive-in facility and lameness area for workups.

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  • Cleary Lake E1461593631430

    Cleary Lake Veterinary Hospital

    Cleary Lake Veterinary Hospital is located in Prior Lake, Minnesota. Their facility offers a indoor arena for soundness evaluations, and an exam bay for further diagnostics. Their surgical facility includes a padded knock down and recovery room, and extensive surgery suite.

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  • Stillwater

    Stillwater Equine Veterinary Clinic

    Stillwater Equine is located Northeast of Minneapolis. Its facility offers an outdoor lameness pad for soundness evaluations. The surgical facility is equipped with a fully padded surgical suite and recover area. There is a hydraulic lift surgical table and hoist system to facilitate positioning of patients in preparation for surgery.

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