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Diagnosis and Management of Fractures of the Coffin Bone and Navicular Bone

Tracy A. Turner, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS   Take Home Message:  Coffin bone and navicular bone fractures are painful conditions of the hoof. They can only be differentiated by radiography. The radiographic configuration has prognostic implications. Coffin bone fractures:   Distal phalangeal fractures can be classified into one of seven types.2,6,7 Type I is a non articular fracture of the palmar process …

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Muscle US

Muscle Injury Detection and Therapies

Tracy A. Turner, DVM, MS, Dipl.Am Col Vet Surgery, Dipl.ACVS, Dipl.ACVSMR Turner Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery   TAKE HOME MESSAGE Muscle injuries occur in horses to various degrees. The injuries can cause anything from poor performance to lameness. However, diagnosis may be difficult as the pain may only manifest itself during performance and may not be palpable. Infrared thermal …

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2016 Equitarian Program in Honduras

Written By: Dr. Julia Wilson Printed By: PonyPals Magazine Wednesday, November 2, 2016 Five Equitarian team members were met by a megawave of heat and humidity as they stepped off the plane in Tegucigalpa. This is our fifth year working in Honduras to improve the health and welfare of working equids. Three Honduras “veteran” veterinarians (Team leader Julie Wilson, Tracy …

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Farrier Rads 1


By: Tracy A. Turner DVM, MS, DiplACVS, DiplACVSMR Radiology of the equine hoof is used to confirm various disease processes such as laminitis, third phalanx fractures, osteoarthritis (ringbone), navicular disease and extensive hoof wall separations. It has evolved to where it quite beneficial for the farrier to use radiographs for guidance when trimming the equine foot.  We can immediately see …

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