Dr. Turner is providing sports medicine and rehabilitation services throughout the greater Minneapolis area. Clinic and farm appointments are both available.

Lameness Evaluation

Lameness issues can range from simple abscess to a complex ligament injury. Our team will strive for insure proper diagnoses and treatment of the lameness through the use of diagnostic instruments.


Thermography can be a useful tool that can be utilized when diagnosing muscle pain and saddle fit.

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We are all about the heath of the horse. Contact us. We gladly provide these services to you (our client) and to referring veterinarians.

Welcome to Turner Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery

Turner Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery provides veterinary care in the greater Minneapolis area.  The practice is completely mobile allowing Dr. Turner to practice in major hospitals as well as on the farm.  For more information on services, please visit our service page.  We look forward to helping you with any of your horse heath needs.

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We provide a variety of services for your horse needs.


Dr. Turner is located all over the greater Minneapolis area with agreements with many of the equine hospitals.

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Sports medicine and rehabilitation articles and resources.

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  • Biosecrity

    Remote Clinics

    We are asked all too often if Turner Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery travels as far as a said location (Fargo, Duluth and Iowa).  We understand, and appreciate, the clients that travel great distances to have their horses seen by Dr. Turner.  For this reason, …

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    Kissing Spines as a Cause of Lameness in Horses

    Tracy A. Turner, DVM, MS Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons; Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation; Fellow, American Academy of Thermology   Kissing spines are one of the major causes of back problems in horses. They do present the clinician with …

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  • Images

    Equine Insurance: Who needs it……

    By: Katie Jones, CVT   We receive frequent questions regarding information on equine insurance. We do not represent or work for insurance companies. We also do not refer or suggest one over another. It is up to the individual horse owner to research and choose …

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  • Fda Compounding Rules And Regulations Shared By The Devcon Group

    Compouned Drugs

    By: Katie Jones, CVT Every day we are bombarded with drug choices both in stores and through social media. Veterinarian pharmacies are not any different. Adequan®, Banamine®, and GastroGuard® are all common names many have heard and learned about. A drug is classified by the …

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